An introduction to the FMPS Quarterly Magazine.


  The Society has produced a Newsletter almost from the outset and originally, it was just a single typed sheet. The membership was, at the time quite small, and the and the amount of news, information and "sales and wants" was equally small and therefore the single sheet was quite adequate.
Now, 48 years later the Society and its   Newsletter   have grown; the Newsletter is now a Magazine (with a colour cover when resources allow) and has up to 40 pages of news, stories, features, sales and wants, forthcoming events and occasionally, the odd little piece of nonsense.   

  Magazine 143 Sept 2017
  Magazine 142 June 2017
  Magazine 141 March 2017
  Magazine 140 Dec 2016
  Magazine 139 Sept 2016

 Contributions are always welcomed from members or other interested parties.
Now that this website is becoming more developed the current magazine will appear on it so as to benefit members and non members alike. (especially the overseas readers who may not always receive a magazine)  


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