If you plan to visit the FMPS Rally as an Exhibitor or Trader this page should help you to contact your section organiser.  

  Rally Contacts for  Exhibitors and Traders

 Steam Exhibits Peter Leeder

01787 377845

  Gypsy Caravans & similar John West 07880 952596
 Tractors (Road Run) Tom Hunt 

01284 810160

 Cars Brian Mansfield 

01787 375321

 Stationary Engines Daniel Cranfield 

01787 378518

 Military  Paul Marriott 

07810 603258

 Motorcycles  Colin Burrows 

 01473 830132

 Horticultural Peter Skingley

01621 852519

 Commercials  John Holdway 

01284 828597

 Tractors   Ron Fellgett 

01473 712454

 Catering and Displays   Bryan Mills 

07967 366344

 Traders/Stalls  John Holdway

01284 828597

  Craft Tent Traders Bill Preston 01245 420168

    All Other Enquiries     Bryan Mills 07967 366344 


   eMail Enquiries         ba.mills@sky.com


       Rally Regulations      


In common with all rallies and similar events there is a need to have and abide by some rules and regulations. The FMPS have tried to keep these to a minimum but to conform with the law and to Health and Safety regulations the following apply to the 2015 Long Melford Rally and other events organised by the Society:-


  All exhibits must carry Public Liability Insurance
with a minimum cover of £2.000.000.
(Note: Membership of the FMPS includes cover for static exhibits, ie. Stationary Engines, collections such as lawn mowers and similar machines, old tools, blowlamps or what ever else may be collected and exhibited.) The insurance also covers pedestrian controlled machines such as Allen, Trusty, Merry Tiller .             It does not cover tractors, combines and the like or any other "ride on" or driven machines.      


Exhibitors entry wristbands must be worn at all times during the rally.


Exhibitors are to be on site by 9.30am and not to leave until 5.30pm when the rally will be closed to the public.


No vehicles permitted to enter the rally after 10am and


All vehicles driven on the rally field must be only done so by a person holding a license for that particular class of vehicle.


The entry form has a Safety Code displayed on it  to which all exhibitors must agree to and conform.